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What an exhilarating experience with an exotic Ferrari rental!

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What an exhilarating experience with an exotic Ferrari rental!

My wife had me completely surprised for our anniversary this year. This has been a child hood dream of mine ever since I was young. The whole weekend went by like a blur…

The vehicle was extremely clean, drove exceptionally well, was everything that you advertised and more…

This car was a complete attention getter everywhere we drove we seemed to get a lot of looks and questions. I mentioned Affinity Car Rentals to quite a few people and handed out your business cards to everyone that was interested. The paddle shifting was very interesting and very easy to use. It took only seconds to master.

I was completely satisfied with your service and looking forward to renting again in the future as well as throwing any additional business your way.

I will truly never forget this weekend!!

Thank you Affinity Car Rentals
Garry Goodyear

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Murani Mbarari 05-11-2019

Solid car rental company!! Their cars are luxurious, top notch and client service is impressive. My first rental had an issue with the brakes, I called and was swapped out into another vehicle almost immediately with no issues. Great experience overall and highly recommended. Keep up the good work folks!

Justin 07-22-2020

Service were efficient and professional. They confirmed rates with my insurance company and had my rental booked within an hour. Shane delivered the car to me on the rental day on time. Car was clean and even with tire dressing on. Shane explained everything, checked stone chips and took pictures. Overall very good experience with Affinity and their employees.

Steve Harkness 06-20-2020

This was my first time renting a luxury car. I rented a Porsche 911 and had a very good experience. Anjanie in Mississauga was very helpful. The car was clean and performed very well. I thought the price was good compared to some of the other Exotic car rental companies that I checked. I would rent from them again.

Alexandra Kis 01-12-2021

Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable when inquiring about cars and availability. I rented the Ford Mustang convertible for my grandmas 81st birthday. We had a an amazing day driving around in this beauty of a car. Prices are reasonable and staff very is friendly. They went above in beyond to make sure we enjoyed our day. I would definitely rent again from here in a heart beat. Thanks again for everything!

CnK 03-10-2021

Great experience renting their 911 C4S Cabriolet to celebrate my birthday. Neil B. went above and beyond - super communicative car lover who worked hard to make the day perfect. Car was in excellent condition, easy pick up & drop off.

Only problem is the car looked a little too good in my driveway ... I'll be back for another rental!