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Solid car rental company!! Their cars are luxurious, top notch and client service is impressive. My first rental had an issue with the brakes, I called and was swapped out into another vehicle almost immediately with no issues. Great experience overall and highly recommended. Keep up the good work folks!

thumb murani mbarari
August 22, 2017

Great array of luxury cars. Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Prices are a bit steep. But overall it's a great outfit.

thumb Murshed Huq
August 25, 2018

Seriously, THE BEST RENTAL IN GTA. This rental company can fulfill their reservations 100% of the time. I’ve yet to come across a denial. Any time I need a rental, just one quick call and they’re there to provide it! Love Johanna and Cassandra. They provide the best customer service with their friendly and joyful attitude which drives a positive customer experience every time I deal with them. 10/10 would recommend.

thumb Brittany Sakoor
May 28, 2019

Very nice customer service, accommodating, kind, professional. Amazing

thumb Persia Sedeno
August 19, 2019

Wedding Bells

When I contacted Affinity Luxury Cars Woodbridge location 3 days before my son’s wedding, I was immediately impressed with the staffs prompt and professional service. The reserved vehicle was ready on time and in pristine condition ensuring an unforgettable ride for the entire wedding day!
I would highly recommend this company for all your luxury and exotic car needs!
5 stars all around!


Renato Biasia
August 10, 2020

Exotic car rentals put you in luxurious leather driver’s seat

Published by: Wheels.ca

For their fourth wedding anniversary, Garrett’s wife surprised him with a pearl-white 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Spyder.

“It was exhilarating, but kind of scary at the same time when you realize you’re driving a car worth so much money,” says Borland, a marketing consultant and automobile enthusiast.

He and his wife planned to celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Niagara Falls on the first weekend in May, and he assumed they’d be driving there in the family car.

But staff from Affinity Luxury Car Rentals quietly delivered the $400,000 sports car to Borland’s home, ensuring he was awed to the max when he spotted it parked in their driveway.

“I had no idea, whatsoever,” he says. “She completely surprised me. The car was dropped off at our house early Friday morning.

“We both had a fantastic time, and driving a car like that certainly isn’t something you get to do every day.”

Affinity is among several GTA companies that rent out luxury vehicles, including such marques as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Lexus and Porsche — perfect for milestone events such as a wedding or anniversary.

A select few offer ultra-fine cars, such as Bentleys, Ferraris or Lamborghinis, for customers who want to feel like a million bucks for a couple of hours, a night, a weekend or longer.

Affinity owner James Schwehr says he never ceases to be thrilled by watching a client’s reaction.

“Stuff like that gets me. I love creating those kinds of experiences,” he says. “We sneak up early in the morning and put the car in the driveway, so they see the vehicle of their dreams when they step outside. I’ve seen some break down and cry.”

Schweher’s car-rental business started small in 1992 near Dupont and Dufferin Sts. It has now grown to a fleet of 200 cars, trucks and exotic autos at five locations across the GTA. A sixth spot opens next month in Mississauga.

In addition to the luxury and exotic cars, Affinity rents a wide variety of more practical vehicles, ranging from a $14,000 Hyundai Accent to a $65,000 GMC Yukon SUV.

The 560-hp, 10-cylinder Lamborghini, which is Affinity’s top vehicle, rents for about $1,300 per weekday, $3,600 to $4,500 for a two- or three-day weekend, or $9,000 for a week.

It can also be rented for as little as an hour for special events such as wedding photos. A three-hour wedding shoot, with an employee driving the car, costs about $700.

The Gallardo is worth about $400,000, and costs Schwehr $18,000 to insure for six months. He wouldn’t dare have it driven during a Canadian winter.

Instead, this fall, Affinity’s exotic cars will be shipped to Las Vegas, where Schwehr partners with a Nevada rental agency.

Some of Affinity’s clients rent the luxury cars when they are considering buying one, and want more than a brief dealership test drive.

“Some companies have incentives for their top sales people, who are rewarded with things like trips or having an exotic car rented for them,” adds Schweher.

With classic American sports cars becoming more popular, Affinity is expanding its stock of those to keep up with demand. Its 1966 Mustang convertible is already booked for rentals right into the fall, and Schwehr is now looking to add a 1965 or ’66 Corvette and early Challenger and Camaro models to his fleet.

A modern muscle car was the ride of choice for Marvin Martin, who rented a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS for a May getaway with his wife — a 40th birthday gift from his family.

“It’s been kind of a dream of mine to have a car like that,” says the design engineer with a Waterloo welding firm. “A BMW just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve always been a GM fan and, when they came out with that retro-style Camaro, I immediately fell in love with it.”

He and his bride of nearly 17 years cruised about 500 kilometres to London and back, stopping at a retro-style A&W in Waterloo to have Martin’s picture taken with his dream car.

“I’d have to rate this gift as a 10 out of 10,” he says. “It was an awesome experience.”

Henry Stancu
May 19, 2013

What an exhilarating experience with an exotic Ferrari rental!

Average Rating:5.0 stars (based on 8 ratings)

What an exhilarating experience with an exotic Ferrari rental!

My wife had me completely surprised for our anniversary this year. This has been a child hood dream of mine ever since I was young. The whole weekend went by like a blur…

The vehicle was extremely clean, drove exceptionally well, was everything that you advertised and more…

This car was a complete attention getter everywhere we drove we seemed to get a lot of looks and questions. I mentioned Affinity Car Rentals to quite a few people and handed out your business cards to everyone that was interested. The paddle shifting was very interesting and very easy to use. It took only seconds to master.

I was completely satisfied with your service and looking forward to renting again in the future as well as throwing any additional business your way.

I will truly never forget this weekend!!

Thank you Affinity Car Rentals
Garry Goodyear

Garry Goodyear
April 25, 2011

Thank you Affinity Luxury Car Rentals

Thank you Affinity Luxury Car Rentals

Just to tell you that I had two nice days with your Corvette. Great weather and a nice car.

Since i didnt hear from you i believe that you found the car in the hotel (as agreed, they called you). We had no accidents or any other unexpected happenings. I filled it all up so everything should be ok.

Thank you again for your kind service both with the dropoff of the car at the hotel, and also with bringing us to you from the hotel saturday morning.

I will recommed your services to collegues and friends.

Best regards
Geir Håvard Øyulvstad

Geir Håvard Øyulvstad
March 9, 2010

This car fulfilled a life-long dream

My wife and I would like to thank you all at Affinity. Since our society is always seeking for online reviews and testimonials to help us decide on who to choose, Kelly and I decided a favorable review was in order for Affinity.

Kelly and I were married this August. Since it was my wife’s desire to have the perfect dress, we decided it would be quite fitting for me to have the perfect car for the occasion. So, we started searching for exotic car rental companies. Following much research and suffering incessant debate, we chose a company other than Affinity. Everything was set 8 months before the day ensuring we would have a specific model, the Porsche 911 Cabriolet. 2 weeks prior to the wedding, I call the rental company to confirm our reservation. I’m welcomed with, “oh right the 911…..ya about that…..but I have a Boxster that I’ll rent you for the same price!” Immediately I called James at Affinity remembering his words, “I’m sorry to hear that, if you still require our services, even it’s the day before the wedding, call me and I’ll do what I can for you.” So, I call James and I’m told he’ll see what he can do and get back to me. Well, 2 days later I get a call from James saying that he purchased a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet and that we can rent it for however long we would like. Needless to say this guaranteed the final piece required to ensure we had our perfect wedding.

There are pics here to show how perfect this automobile fit in with the celebration. This car fulfilled a life-long dream for a groom, strengthened an already rigid father-son relationship, and surely, was a fantastic finishing touch to an already beautiful day!

Although my time was mostly spent with James, the overall impression from all employees at Affinity is an attitude of professionalism, and a desire from every employee to exceed every customer expectation. This is truly a company providing friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable service, not because it’s good for business, but simply because they want to. So, save yourself the time and aggravation of looking all over the city for the best deal and the greatest value and go straight to Affinity where you’re sure to find both.

Thanks again guys!
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A Plourde

Jeffrey A Plourde
August 30, 2008

They say first impression usually leaves an everlasting one

They say “first impression” usually leaves an everlasting one. My
experience with AFFINITY CAR RENTALS,was extrodinary to say the least.
Staff was very professional,knowledgable,curtious and extremely
helpful. Vehicle provided was in an impeccable condition (properly
maintained) and the service from beginning to the end was indeed ‘Above
The Rest” as your motto would indicate.

“Gentlemen” of AFFINITY CAR RENTALS, just want to say thanks for making
my stay in Canada a memorial one, not only will i be using your company
again upon my many returns, I will also recommend your company to my
colleges & friends.

Once again thank you guys, great job, keep it up, far to often we complain
with ease when things go wrong, yet i have felt compelled to express my
appreciation for such excellent service and for others to know.

See you again soon,

Desmond Dekker.

Desmond Dekker
June 14, 2008

Affinity Car Rental Experience

Affinity Car Rental Experience.

To whom it may concern;

I am writing to say what a pleasure it was to rent a luxury seven seater SUV
from Affinity Car Rental recently. The occasion was my parents 50th

I called to request a vehicle and was greeted by a courteous and very
professional representative who asked all the right questions (including would
anybody have a hard time getting in the back seats) to ensure that I would have no
issues with my vehicle of choice. He was prepared to offer a less expensive vehicle
(a minivan, YUCK !!!!) just to ensure my family would all be able in to get into the
vehicle with no difficulty.

I arrived to pick up my SUV and it was cleaned, gassed and ready to go. The truck
was beautiful and brand new, not some 4 year old model. The paperwork was
ALREADY completed and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. My drop-off
was to be afterhours and was also straightforward, I just ensured the gas was full,
placed the keys in the drop box and I was done. No EXTRA CHARGES were on my
credit card statement.

Thanks again for such great service and making my parents anniversary dinner trip
so memorable.,

Russ Logisse
Burlington, Ontario

Russ Logisse
May 28, 2008

The car rental from you guys was superb!

The car rental from you guys was superb! Prompt service and delievery left
me full filled and very happy, the convenient delievery service made it
fantastic , I will most definately be returning for all my car rental needs!

Mark, Woodbridge

Mark Woodbridge
May 5, 2008

Customer Reviews

Affinity Luxury Car Rentals

Customer Reviews

Murani Mbarari 05-11-2019

Solid car rental company!! Their cars are luxurious, top notch and client service is impressive. My first rental had an issue with the brakes, I called and was swapped out into another vehicle almost immediately with no issues. Great experience overall and highly recommended. Keep up the good work folks!

Justin 07-22-2020

Service were efficient and professional. They confirmed rates with my insurance company and had my rental booked within an hour. Shane delivered the car to me on the rental day on time. Car was clean and even with tire dressing on. Shane explained everything, checked stone chips and took pictures. Overall very good experience with Affinity and their employees.

Steve Harkness 06-20-2020

This was my first time renting a luxury car. I rented a Porsche 911 and had a very good experience. Anjanie in Mississauga was very helpful. The car was clean and performed very well. I thought the price was good compared to some of the other Exotic car rental companies that I checked. I would rent from them again.

Alexandra Kis 01-12-2021

Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable when inquiring about cars and availability. I rented the Ford Mustang convertible for my grandmas 81st birthday. We had a an amazing day driving around in this beauty of a car. Prices are reasonable and staff very is friendly. They went above in beyond to make sure we enjoyed our day. I would definitely rent again from here in a heart beat. Thanks again for everything!

CnK 03-10-2021

Great experience renting their 911 C4S Cabriolet to celebrate my birthday. Neil B. went above and beyond - super communicative car lover who worked hard to make the day perfect. Car was in excellent condition, easy pick up & drop off.

Only problem is the car looked a little too good in my driveway ... I'll be back for another rental!